AI Recruiting Platform

Discover how you can engage candidates 11x faster on average than the leading recruiting outreach tool.*

Discover, source, and engage the right candidates with the power of TopFunnel's AI recruiting platform.

AI Recruiting Features

  • Discover Qualified Candidates

  • Swipe left to engage qualified candidates on your phone with automated campaigns. Source automatically from across the internet and on popular social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, and more.

  • 11x Faster Outreach, 12x Better Response Rates

  • Supercharge your recruiting process with automated outreach and candidate management all from your brand. Engage 11x faster than you can with LinkedIn Recruiter and increase your response rate by 12x.*

  • Automate Follow-ups and Re-engagements

  • Automate your follow-ups and candidate re-engagement and sync with popular ATSs like Greenhouse in order for powerful de-duping technology and advanced candidate management across your various channels.

  • Collaborate as a Team

  • Use TopFunnel as a team and efficiently manage your recruiting funnel. Choose candidate reviewers and choose who sends candidate engagements so candidates hear from your brand.

How It Works

Describe the roles your team is looking to fill.

We work with you to identify the ideal candidates for your team. With TopFunnel, you can scale instantly to meet your hiring needs at any given time.

We identify unique candidates that fit those roles.

Our team identifies the best candidates that fit your roles. Our reach covers the entire web; we don't reuse the same candidates and work with you 1-on-1 to provide exactly who you're looking for.

You swipe the candidates you want to engage with.

You swipe right on candidates you want to talk to. We handle the outreach and set your first meeting on the calendar! Best of all, engagement comes from your brand; candidates never know we're there.

Full Platform Features

  • Chrome extension for sourcing candidates across the internet.
  • Collaboration tools to source, send, and engage as a team.
  • Personal email data so you can reach out to candidates in the right place, directly from your brand.
  • Reporting features that show response rates, diversity metrics, and more across your team’s outreach.
  • Follow-ups and snooze functionality to engage with candidates at the right time.
  • Apple and Android mobile apps for team review. Swipe right to accept or left to reject!
  • Advanced customs to cater outreach to the candidate’s past experiences.
  • Integrate with popular ATSs like Greenhouse for powerful de-duping technology and omnichannel candidate tracking.

Don't worry, you'll be in good company.

“In 3 months of usage, TopFunnel has saved my team tens of thousands of dollars in time alone.”

Matthew Greenburg

Head of Talent

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