Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Here are the basics:

  1. Install our Chrome extension. Check the page header for a direct link to the Chrome web store.
  2. Create a campaign. TopFunnel uses campaigns to group candidates into hiring strategies. You can use our example campaigns for some ideas to get you started.
  3. Navigate to any profile on the web (LinkedIn, GitHub, Hired, Entelo, etc..) and click “Save Profile” from the extension.
  4. That’s it! We’ll message the candidate, manage the thread, and you can relax until the candidate is ready to proceed to the next level.
Which websites are compatible with TopFunnel?

TopFunnel works on any website with a profile page.

Will candidates know that I am using TopFunnel?

No, your outreach is going through your inbox directly.

In what locations can I use TopFunnel to recruit?

You can use TopFunnel to recruit United States citizens.

Do you offer reports? How do I know what’s happening?

The Outreach page provides granular tracking of all your conversations. It is filterable and downloadable in CSV format.

For the bigger picture, statistics can be found on the Dashboard page, as well as the Campaigns page.

When in Gmail, you may also click on the TopFunnel logo on any thread initiated by TopFunnel. A sidebar will display relevant candidate information and alert you to upcoming activity.

Can you push data into my ATS?

Yes. We currently support Greenhouse and Lever with more on the way.

What is Your Reply?

Your Reply is a feature in which TopFunnel will manage the incoming response of TopFunnel sourced candidates for you.

You are able to create unique templates to respond to the candidate when they are interested, not interested or it is unclear how to proceed. TopFunnel will keep the thread out of your Inbox until it’s time for you to reply.

You can also indicate if TopFunnel should reply when a candidate wants to be reached out to again in a few months; when that is the case, TopFunnel will send a message immediately and a Follow Up Later message at the appropriate time.

Reach out to Contact Support to learn more.

First message

How do I create my first message?

You can create your first message under the campaigns tab. Get creative! We have a list of variables that you can use and some sample templates for inspiration.

Do I get to review messages before they are sent?

Yes, if you are not using our autosend feature, all drafts will be returned to your drafts folder for review.

How long does it take for TopFunnel to create a message?

It takes between fifteen minutes to an hour to create your messages.

What happens if an email bounces?

If an email bounces, we automatically identify it and attempt to find a better email address for that candidate.

Follow-up messages

How do follow-up messages work?

You will create follow-up messages when you create your campaign. They will automatically be sent out. In the event that a candidate responds, the follow-ups will stop automatically.

When are follow-up messages sent?

You choose! You have the option of setting up the cadence. We normally recommend setting up two follow-ups, spread four days apart.

How do I stop the follow-up messages for specific candidates?

You can manually stop the follow-ups by removing the “TopFunnel” tag in Gmail.


How can I add my team members?

You can either invite colleagues under Invitations or they can create an account by visiting

How do I send candidates to a teammate for review?

Select your teammate from the ‘Candidate Review’ dropdown from the campaign ‘Set Up’ tab. The selected teammate will be able to review candidates both in a browser tab and in mobile apps.

We will do the rest! This feature works great when choosing the same teammate to “Send As”. Head to the settings page to get started!

How do I send messages as other people on my team?

There are two ways:

When configuring a campaign, click on the ‘Set Up’ tab. You can select a teammate from the ‘Send As’ dropdown. Every email sent from this campaign will be from the chosen teammate.

When a draft already exists in your ‘Drafts’ folder, click the TopFunnel icon in your TopFunnel draft. This will give you the option to either transfer a draft to another team member or send on their behalf.
Did you know: we typically see a 2x return when candidates receive outreach from VPs, executives, or hiring managers for the role!

Before you can send as someone else on your team, you need to invite them and receive the proper permissions. Click the Sender icon to invite new teammates directly from a campaign, or see ‘How can I add my team members?’ in this FAQ.

What happens to my signature or calendar variable when I send as someone else?

If you use the {{signature}} or {{calendar}} variable in your campaign, the signature will automatically be replaced with the sender’s correct information. You can set your signature or calendar link here.

If I send a message as someone else, who do the responses go to?

The responses will go to the inbox of the sender (not the sourcer). If you’d like to have responses go to someone else on the team, please reach out to us and we can help you configure this using the Your Reply feature.