TopFunnel acquires Clara Labs for automated scheduling!

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Join hundreds of companies who rely on TopFunnel to streamline every step of their hiring process.

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Recruiting automation with a human touch

Sourcing done before
your morning coffee

Whether you’re a recruiter or a hiring manager, TopFunnel helps you discover and engage the best candidates so that you can focus on building relationships.

Get unparalleled scale with technology, alongside the human touch of an expert.

We do the hard work of finding relevant candidates. Then, we deliver them to your phone every morning. All you need to do is swipe.

Great messages
attract candidates

The best candidates want to hear something compelling and authentic. TopFunnel helps you get the attention of every candidate you want to reach.

Using industry best practices, like personalized content, timely follow-ups, and scheduling assistance, we put your best foot forward.

And when your whole team, from hiring managers to talent acquisition is involved, you increase the likelihood of success.

Schedule with ease
with Clara by your side

With Clara in the scheduling loop, you get candidates on the calendar accurately and beautifully, every time.

Clara follows up when candidates drop off. Because you get more meetings, more quickly, you reduce time to hire.

Calendar apps don’t feel human. Scheduling with Clara is delightful for everyone. And setting up the first meeting right makes all the difference.


“In 3 months of usage, TopFunnel has saved my team tens of thousands of dollars in time alone.”

Matthew Greenburg

Head of Talent at ZeroCater

“TopFunnel takes care of the admin work so I can focus on talking to candidates.”

Alison Kaizer

Talent Acquisition Manager at Ritual

“TopFunnel has drastically changed the way I engage with candidates. My response rates are up and candidates know that we really care.”

Gaby Rodkopf

Recruiting Lead at Discord

“TopFunnel helps us to reach more candidates and gives us visibility into our diversity initiatives, so we can successfully meet our diversity targets.”

Aurora Harshner

Director of Recruiting at Coinbase

Only 5% of qualified candidates are looking.
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