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The TopFunnel Advantage

Recruiting Agencies

Engage with candidates directly from your brand, no third-parties, no middlemen.

Discover new candidates that are uniquely qualified for the roles you want to fill.

Fill 1 role, or 1,000. Scale instantly to meet your organization's recruiting needs.

Never again pay a recruiting agency placement fee to fill a role; hire as many candidates as you need with TopFunnel.

Collaborate with your recruiting team and engage candidates personally.

See important metrics about your diversity recruiting efforts and more.

How It Works

Describe the roles your team is looking to fill.

We work with you to identify the ideal candidates for your team. TopFunnel scales instantly to meet your needs.

We identify unique candidates that fit those roles.

Our team identifies the best candidates that fit your roles. Our reach covers the entire web; we don't reuse the same candidates and can work with you 1-on-1 to provide exactly who you're looking for.

We get them on your calendar.

We handle the outreach and set your first meeting on the calendar! Candidates never know we're there.

How We're Different

Own your recruiting brand.

The relationships we help you build are directly between you and the candidates. We work in the background to protect your brand.

For teams large and small.

Seamlessly integrate TopFunnel into your existing workflow to scale outreach as your recruiting team grows.

“In 3 months of usage, TopFunnel has saved my team tens of thousands of dollars in time alone.”

Matthew Greenburg

Head of Talent

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